The medium term scheduling module in COMET helps mine planners create shorter term operationally sounds plans within the context of their long term plan.
Dr John Bensley
Director Business Development

COMET Medium Term Scheduling

COMET Medium Term Scheduling was developed in response to the continuing need to create shorter-term operationally sound plans from the long-term context.

In addition to providing a long-term optimisation context for maximising NPV, this new module allows users to manually specify the objective for each pushback in each period. Normally this would be to mine a specified amount from the long-term planning context (maximum NPV), but you could set the production from the phase to maximise productivity or the period cash flow. Each time a change is made, the period policies (such as cut-off grade) are optimised for the new mining rates and period properties are then reported. Pushback access constraints, productivities, costs, capacity constraints and streams of revenue are all utilised so only valid schedules and cash flows are considered. The rapid feedback allows users to constantly keep their eye on the project value.

Unlike the earlier Comet Engines, the Medium-Term Scheduling module uses a COM interface to allow direct communication between Excel and the Engine (no temporary files are written). This module builds on the foundations laid in Comet so that users require negligible additional training. With the software now licensed through the internet it is becoming even easier to get people up and running. .

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